Simple App / Product Testing (Work From Home / Beginner Level / No Experience)

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Do you use WhatsApp? It’s a free messaging app you can download to your smartphone or tablet. I hope you’re nodding because our database just matched you with a remote job testing messaging app like WhatsApp, which pays as much as $5 per message you send. Here’s the job spec…

Job title: Earn $5 per message as a WhatsApp and other messaging apps tester

Job description: This job role is all about testing the functionality of popular messaging apps like WhatsApp. The companies you’ll be working remotely for develop messaging apps and need ordinary people to use them and give honest feedback so they can improve them. So, this could be the perfect remote work if you have a keen eye for errors and don’t mind writing up your input into a short word doc (200-250 words).

Pay: $25 per hour.

Location: This position is open to people from the United States, and because the role primarily tests the functionality of apps, English doesn’t need to be your first language.

Requirements: You’ll need a smartphone or tablet you can download WhatsApp onto (Android and Apple work). And you’ll need 5-20 hours free each week – these hours are flexible, so you can do the job when it suits you.

Necessary Experience: If you know how to download an app and write a message on your phone or tablet, you’re already qualified. And if you have experience writing 200-250 word feedback documents, you’re practically overqualified! You’ll also be offered full training online to cover any aspects of the job you’d like to improve on. So, are you ready to start banking some extra cash by sending simple messages on apps like WhatsApp? At $5 per message, your take-home can begin to add up quickly!

So, don’t sit there twiddling your thumbs…

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