Website / App / Product Testing (Beginner Level, Work from Home, No Experience)

Website Write App Reviews

It sounds like a dream when someone says that you’ll get paid for eating pizza. But it’s not a dream. We’re hiring 3 remote-working people from the United States.

Job title: Earn $630 per week using and testing food ordering apps.

Job description: We currently work with app developers who made some tremendous online food ordering apps. But, to compete with the big guys in the worldwide market, they need to be perfect. And that’s why they’re hiring remote working people from the United States to test, review, and critique their apps. You don’t always necessarily need to order food. You have to use them by exploring and trying every feature and setting. After using those apps, you need to sign in to a system and post short reviews.

Pay: $25 per hour.

Location: Hiring people mainly from the United States.

Requirements: You need a smartphone and internet access to work. That’s it; nothing else is required.

Necessary Experience: No working experience is required as you have to use the apps you usually use.

Apply ASAP; we just need three app testers today.